The Consultation

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For appointments please phone:
Malcolm Baxter 07774 889421

Initial telephone conversation, without charge.
1st Consultation £150 Subsequent therapy as required

What is Included?

It is non-invasive, and not requiring any ‘hands on’ investigation, or embarrassing procedures. Nothing with Bioresonance is invasive or drugs related. There are no side affects and no medicines. You will be asked to wear a headset and hold a small receptor for a few minutes while we scan your key organs and areas of any concern for you now.

The equipment we use – the NLS Tracker Biophilia and the Hunter Metapathia – will read your Bio Health, and identify areas of biological interest. It will read the Bioresonance of everything in your body, and you will see on the computer screen everything as it is scanned. You will have a report to take away with you which identifies areas of concern and treatments available.


There is a maximum to what we can do in the time, so this consultation will lay the groundwork for future therapy if required. Because the body is a whole balanced organism, it is clear that if you have an issue which concerns you, to simply treat the symptoms would not be sufficient – it is best to know why you have the problem and treat that. The true cause is most likely related to a condition elsewhere in the body. This is what we look for, and we may require a second consultation to examine further.
You will sit in a comfortable chair for the initial scan which is undertaken with the use of 4 biosensors in the headset. This is extremely accurate, and probably will diagnose to higher than 93% accuracy. Depending upon what we discover and what you require, therapy may be recommended. However, that can be undertaken remotely, by means of quantum physics, using a powerful Meta Box transmitter. For this purpose, we need a photograph of you (which we will take) and DNA samples – blood, hair, finger nail and saliva which we will assemble.