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You could be one of the many people who have health issues? You don’t feel well or are worried about yourself. Perhaps you are concerned about someone else – as well as yourself.
Do you agree that our first involuntary action is to go to the doctor? But in today’s world, even if you could make an appointment, that may not be easy, for many reasons. For instance:-

Do you fully understand what is wrong with you?

Will you be able to communicate that to the doctor?

Do you welcome the possibility of treatment and medicines?

Are you afraid of ‘opening the door’ to the unknown?

But maybe you and I need to think again about what we could do if we did not feel well and what we would like the result to be.

You and I know very well that conventional medicine is mostly endeavouring to treat you “from outside your body” with investigations, tests, medicines and invasive surgery. While some patients will welcome this approach and believe that these actions are a desirable process, others may feel they are something to fear. Is it really the only way?

Bioresonance is different. It must soon become a familiar term even if it is new to us now. This is because it is the way we can maximize the natural healing power of our bodies and the current level of success outstrips many aspects of the orthodox methods and practices – all without drugs, invasive surgery and side effects.

Orthodox Medicine is established by the patient explaining to the doctor what are their symptoms. The doctor will need to interpret the descriptions into categories of conditions with which he or she is familiar. Some symptoms will be evident, but most will not. However, the doctor will skilfully assess the likely reasons and either prescribe medication, set up investigations or arrange for another opinion to be obtained.

Diagnosis starts off at a rate of perhaps 20%-50% successful. On that basis, drugs may have been prescribed. The patient may be open to wrong medication and possible neglect. It could take a long time before the appropriate diagnosis is confirmed and treatment will only then be focused in the normal way.


The Bioresonance Analyser is accurate to over 93% for all biological conditions diagnosed. There is minimum uncertainty, if any. It is non-invasive and physically unchallenging to the patient. Bioresonance scans the whole anatomy and identifies the root cause of the condition, so that it is the cause and not the symptoms which are treated. The list of conditions that can be treated is endless but these are some:

The cardiovascular system

Gastro-intestinal tract

Genital-urinary system

Musculoskeletal system

Bronchi-pulmonary system

The endocrine system

Visual and hearing aids/organs

The nervous system

Biochemical analysis of blood without interference

Infection of the organs and systems – viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, streptococci, and so on

Assessment of hormone levels, adrenal, pituitary, pancreas, thyroid, gonads

Level of immunity

Allergy diagnosis

Chromosomal diagnosis

And more…