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“We may not understand the mechanisms of healing at this point, but, ultimately, results trump theory in any case.”

Malcolm R Ing MD, Clinical Professor of Surgery, University of Hawai

Natural Science

Biofeedback is patient, effective and, most importantly, dedicated to helping people to take back the control of their health and bodies. Bioresonance devices, made possible through natural science, do not affect the body negatively. There are no side effects of investigation or therapy treatment. There is no invasive action or embarrassing procedure. There are no areas which are open to wrong medications or drug dependencies.

The comprehensive data about an objective state of body tissues, cells, chromosomes and even hormones are transmitted accurately, and instantly decoded in the form of specific diagnoses and treatment recommendations. One further application of this newest natural scientific development is that we do not need to wait for ill health. If routine health check scanning occurred, then when anything appeared ‘on the screen’, it could be dealt with long before it became a problem.


We would not need to put up with problems as a way of life. Allergies for instance, are cured and viruses are removed (including Covid19 perhaps). Children who are very young may not be able to adequately describe their symptoms, but the parents will know something is wrong. The Bioresonance scan will give a diagnosis enabling treatment to be focused correctly or to confirm all is well.
This website is designed to be for user benefit, without making the subject too mysterious and incomprehensible. The reader will know, however, that the subject is extremely complex and represents scientific development at its most ‘cutting edge.’ There is much further information on our website, and if you wish further papers on the subject, particularly as they relate to the equipment we use, the NLS Biophilia equipment, please email for assistance.