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Bioresonance is the miraculous answer to Medical Health

Albert Einstein discovered quantum physics, which is only recently being applied to medicine, both for diagnosis and for therapy through Bioresonance.

It has revealed that all particles of matter share characteristics of energy waves. This means that all substances – therefore all cells, organs and all parts of the body as well as viruses, bacteria, pollen, toxins etc. – emit electromagnetic waves.

Depending upon their nature, all substances have quite specific wavelengths or frequencies with highly individual characteristics.

All cells use this energy because they need it to communicate between each other, in order to create harmonious conditions in the body or in the case of viruses etc. disharmonious conditions!

The miracle of Bioresonance

The Bioresonance Analyser electronically reads this information from the human body. What it is looking for are signs of disharmony which may be caused by viruses (including Covid19), invasive drug treatments, accident/operation scars, allergies, dental amalgam, lifestyle abuses, bacteria, historical illnesses, inherited conditions etc.

Would you or I know about these influences on our bodies? Possibly not – and how could a doctor reliably understand and prescribe medication which may or may not be helpful? Perhaps with great difficulty. And as a consequence many patients are fearful.


The Bioresonance Analyser understands what is going on by reading the energy waves organ by organ, part by part, function by function and even the condition of the body fluid in which the cells exist and operate. It will suggest highly focused therapy, designed to release the body from any disharmonious effects which will then create the environment where the body will be able to heal itself. Harmful substances can be released and excreted.

All therapy is without drugs or physical intervention of any kind. Quantum physics allows the transmission of the therapy electronically, by accurate measurement and timing. And there are no side effects.